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Information about contents and Layout of your Abstract
Please note the following abstract submission guidelines.

Free papers, ePosters are invited from all fields of ophthalmic surgery. Please select the appropriate category for your abstract.
If the number of submissions exceeds the allowed quantity, the program committee will make a choice before acceptance.
All abstracts will be published online at GMS.

Online submission of free papers, ePosters is open on the page Abstract Submission. . If you encounter problems with the electronic submission, please send us an e-mail to


Abstract submission has already closed.


Submission of free papers and ePosters is reserved for registered participants of the 34th International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons (DOC).

In recognition of their scientific commitment, speakers of accepted ePosters will be provided with a free permanent pass to the DOC 2022.


Free Paper Session

Presentation time for free papers is 5 minutes plus 2 minutes for subsequent discussion. Please keep to the speaking time as chairpersons are encouraged to enforce the schedule.

The following technical equipment is available:
  • PC projection

The award for the best free papers each sector will be chosen on the end of each session by the chairmen.


The ePosters will be presented on a 52 inch digital screen inclusive touchscreen. By using the touchscreen it is possible to present the posters in an interactive way – single parts of the poster can be enlarged and marked. Thus the visible section will be displayed in ist original format.

The presentation of an ePoster takes 6 minutes (3 minutes presentation, 3 minutes discussion). The ePoster presentation is expected to take place on Thursday, June 23rd 2022. More details will be published in the main programme or on the homepage.

An ePoster presentation in a lecture room is not planned. We kindly ask you to provide interested participants with printed information material (size DIN A4) to your poster and to display it in the racks provided within the ePoster area.

The award ceremony for the best ePoster will take place on Friday, June 24th 2022, during the General Session.

The guidelines for writing for abstracts can be found online at Six slides (PDF) must be submitted for the presentation. The PDF must be created in landscape format with an aspect rating of 9 to 16”.

Please note the following guidelines for typing your abstract.

Abstract submission has already closed.

Information about contents and form of your abstract

The Free Papers and ePosters will be published at the homepage. For this reason it is absolutely necessary that the abstract includes all requested information.

The following structure is recommended (Free Papers/ePosters): a) purpose  b) methods  c) results  d) conclusions

  1. As the total number of contributions is limited, the program committee asks for your understanding that the maximum number of authorships per person is limited to three.
  2. Please indicate if the first author is not the presenting speaker.
  3. Presentations may be held as oral presentations or ePosters. The review and program committee reserves the right to allocate accepted abstracts according to the requirements for thematic categories either to oral or ePoster presentations. By submitting an abstract, the authors agree to both forms (oral/ePoster).
  4. Only results hitherto unpublished may be submitted.
  5. Authors will be notified about acceptance/rejection of their submission mid May 2022.
  6. The authors bear full responsibility concerning copyright of third parties upon contents of their abstract. The author guarantees that no part of the contents (including tables, figures etc.) may infringe upon rights of third parties which may impediate publication.
  7. In addition, the submitter has the consent of all persons named to submit or publish personal data (name, clinic, adress, e-mail).

Please understand that the abstract will be published as submitted. Corrections may not be made hereafter. DOC reserves the right to correct erroneous abstracts without prior notification to the author. The committees inform that abstracts that are not in compliance with the stated regulations will be rejected.

The submitting author transfers the non-exclusive and unlimited right of further use of the submitted contents for whichever purpose. This does however not restrict subsequent further personal use.


The program committee points out that any abstract which does not follow these instructions must be rejected.

Submission of an abstract to DOC2022 includes a full copyright transfer by all authors to DOC. The authors agree that no royalties can be claimed from subsequent distribution or other use of their contribution.

Disclosure of financial interests for submissions of abstracts to DOC annual meetings and for DOC related publications – oral presentations and written papers, publications and eposters.

DOC expects the declaration of economic and financial interest from every author / speaker. We are convinced that it is necessary to disclose financial interest. An economic linkage itself does not imply a bias of the author. The audience will have the opportunity to decide whether a conflict of interests has an influence on the quality of the specific piece of scientific work.

You will be asked by MCN GmbH to disclose any financial/economic linkage beforehand or when uploading your presentations at the media-check in counter. The following parameters have been defined for this purpose.

Consultant (B): Commercial payment or support in the last three years in the form of research funds or material in equipment, process or products presented. *
Employee (E): Financial interest in product marketing (employee oft he product manufacturer)*
Investor product(I): Financial interest in a company or companies supplying equipment, process or presented (e.g. shareholdings, share ownership etc.).*
Employee (M): Financial interest in product marketing (employee of the product manufacturer).*
Product speaker’s (P): Financial interest in equipment, described procedure or described product (e.g. allowance, travel expense, research funds, grants etc.)*
None (K): No financial interest, no commercial support in the case of the work presented.

* Name of the company required.

At the beginning of each presentation, the title of the presentation, the name of the speaker and the status of commercial interest as well as the name of the company (according to the above given classification) will shortly be made visible on the main screen.

The authors of the eposter are asked to show their commercial interest at the beginning of the presentation


Abstract puplication

By submitting an abstract the author accepts the online publication according to the guideline of „open access“ and the creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International CCBY 4.0 ( on the German Medical Science publication platform ( The submission of the abstract transfers all copyrights for any kind of further processing to the congress organisation. This does not restrict his own rights for further use of the material, according to personal requirements.
If the contribution has been published fully or partially prior to this, the original source must be indicated. If a contribution is published parallel otherwise, a reference to the GMS publication should be included.

The authors have full responsibilty for eventual copyrights of third parties concerning the contents of an abstract. They guarantee that all figures, tables etc. are free from rights of other parties which might be violated through publication.

In addition, the submitter has the consent of all persons named to submit or publish personal data (name, clinic, adress, e-mail).

We ask for your understanding that the abstract is published as submitted. Corrections cannot be made. The congress organizer reserves the right to modify erroneous abstracts without prior notice.

Furthermore abstracts will be published at the DOC archive on the congress homepage.


German Medical Science

German Medical Science (GMS) is a platform for the publication of medical research with defined quality criteria. GMS includes online-journals, congress releases and research reports. Publications can be combined with videos and other data. Each congress is allocated a separate section within the platform with individual design according to GMS layout (logo, colours, texts).

Advantages of GMS publication:
Each single entry is treated according to high publication standards for the online-platform and is assigned DOI and URN permanent identification codes for citation. GMS Publication ensures permanent free access to the documents following open-access principles. They are retrievable through all relevant search engines and stored in a long-time archive.