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Morten D. de la Cour Risk factors for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Morten D. de la Cour, Kopenhagen (Dänemark)
Curriculum vitae

Date of birth: April 6, 1958

1976 Graduated from upper secondary school
1979 Bachelor in mathematics (danish: bifagseksamen) University of Copenhagen
1988 MD (cand med), University of Copenhagen
1998 Specialist in ophthalmology
2000 European Board of Ophthalmology Diploma exam, Paris
2003 Management education (Rigshospitalets Lederuddannelse Copenhagen, Denmark
1½ year part time education, finalized by a dissertation and a diploma exam)
2014 Master of Public Governance (Copenhagen Business School)
2018 Management of managers (Implement, RegionH)
Clinical positions
Internship (Danish: Turnus reservelæge)
1/1 1992 -
31/12 1992
Orthopedic surgery, cardiology and endocrinology, Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark
Resident, ophthalmology (Danish: reservelæge)
1/4 1993 -
31/12 1995
Eye Departments, Rigshospitalet and KAS Herlev, Copenhagen, Denmark
Resident, neurosurgery (Danish: reservelæge, sideuddannelse)
1/1 1996 -
30/6 1996
Dept. Neurosurgery, NK, Rigshospitalet
Senior resident, ophthalmology (Danish: 1-reservelæge)
1/7 1996 -
30/9 1997
Eye Department, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Senior resident, ophthalmology
1/10 1997 -
30/9 1998
Eye Department, KAS Herlev, Herlev, Denmark
Junior consultant (Danish: afdelingslæge)
1/10 1998 -
30/6 2002
Eye Department, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Consultant (Danish: overlæge)
1/7 2001 -
31/3 2003
Eye Department, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
1/4 2003 Eye Department, KAS Herlev and subsequently Glostrup Hospital, Denmark
(department moved from Herlev to Glostrup Hospital, July 1st 2006)
Consultant responsible for the education of residents in ophthalmology
1/5 2004 -
30/9 2014
Eye Department, KAS Herlev and Glostrup Hospital, Denmark
Vitreoretinal consultant in ROP
1/9 2004 Eye Department, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Section leading consultant
1/12 2010 -
31/5 2013
Outpatient Eye Surgical Center, Frederiksberg Hospital/Glostrup Hospital
Managing consultant, surgical section
1/6 2013 -
30/9 2014
Eye Department Glostrup Hospital
Department head
1/6 2015 Eye Department Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Surgical qualifications
I was trained in vitreoretinal surgery by Erik Scherfig 1996 -1997 and 1998 - 2000, and received further training as a vitreoretinal fellow by Bernd Kirchhof in Aachen and by Mathew Thomas in St. Louis, as described below. I am confident with the diagnosis and treatment of all types of vitreoretinal diseases at a highly specialized level. I have performed more than 4000 vitreoretinal invasive procedures, including more than 3000 vitrectomies. In addition, I have performed more than 1600 retinal laser treatments. I have particular experience in the management of all types of retinal detachment, ROP, diabetic retinopathy, complicated forms of Coat’s disease, posterior segment trauma, macular hole, epiretinal membranes, vitreomacular traction, ocular trauma, and complications to anterior segment surgery.
Editor for scientific journals and books
• Co-editor (retina) for the journal Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica (2004)
• Participated in editing the book “Biology of the Eye”, Elsevier, 2006
• Co-editor of textbook in ophthalmology for medical students: “Øjensygdomme”, FADLS forlag 2012
• Co-editor, Ophthalmologica (2015 - 2016)
• Victor Larsens grant (1990)
• Hede-Nielsen prize (1996)
• DANDY prize (1999)
• ACTA Ophthalmologica Prize. Lundsgaard Silver Medal for best article (2006)
• EVER Certificate of Excellence with ACTA-EVER medal (2007)
• Swedish Ophthalmological Society, Gullstand medal in bronze (2009)
• Danish Junior Ophthalmologist’s prize for best teaching department “FAYO-prize” (2011). The prize was granted to the eye department in Glostrup Hospital with the justification: “Morten la Cour’s great work to create equal, and better conditions for all residents in ophthalmology…”
• Synoptic foundations honor grant (2014)
• Jules Gonin Award Lecture (2018)