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Armin Scharrer, MD
President DOC

Dear Colleagues,

the 29th International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons (DOC) will take place on 9th to 11th June 2016, in line with tradition, in Nuremberg. Under the slogan, „Welcome back“, we sincerely invite you to DOC 2016 in Nuremberg!

Renowned experts from around the world will present innovations and developments and discuss these openly and intensively with the audience. As tried and tested over the years, the practical ophthalmic surgery is left plenty of room in the wet-labs and courses, so that a comprehensive training and education is guaranteed.

New in 2016 is the Mini Symposium „Ophthalmology 2025 - Trends and Innovations“. This symposium will shed light on visions of ophthalmic surgery as well as the emerging trends of today.
In the pros & cons sessions the debaters will defend their views and discuss points of controversy with the audience. A special highlight is set to be a section of a live video surgery in 3D, which will provide special insight into surgical techniques.

Our scientific program will be topped off by the series of seminars in Management in hospitals and in practice, as well as symposiums in Anesthesia, Contact lenses and Strabology. The seminar on the practical side of ophthalmology will be of particular interest to our conservatively active colleagues. The program for the doctors will be supplemented by a comprehensive and highly differentiated program for ophthalmic assistants (OAP) and administrative staff.

We look forward to your visit, your participation and a lively exchange of views in Nuremberg.


A. Scharrer
President DOC