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Notes on certification

DOC2024 will be submitted to the Bavarian Medical Association as a continuing education event for certification in Category A.

Participants will be able to access their certificate in their personal account on the participant management portal three weeks after the congress and will be notified by email. Within Germany, the CME points will be uploaded to the German Medical Association and automatically credited to the participants' respective continuing education accounts.

Participants from Austria and Switzerland are requested to submit the certificate to their medical association in order to receive the CME points accordingly.

Please note that certification points cannot be awarded for overlapping program items. CME points will only be awarded for one program point!

Participants can only document their attendance for the relevant program item by scanning them in before the lecture hall! Therefore, please make sure that you have your participant/course ID scanned by the admission staff at the beginning of the program item, e.g. session/seminar/course/symposium, etc., or that you scan it yourself at the scanner terminals provided in front of some rooms.